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Château Fonréaud 2011

Cru Bourgeois

France • Bordeaux • Listrac-Medoc • Red • 75 cl • 13°

Wine Spectator:  85-88

Varenr. 100028
Château Fonréaud 2011
Jeannie Cho Lee / Wine educator and Master of Wine: A beautifully made wine with a lovely floral notes accented by cedar and blackberries. The texture is seamless and the tannins are firm and very well managed. Fairly long length. Enjoy in 4-6 years time.
Château Fonréaud 

This exquisite chateau is likely to take its style not from the modest farmhouse it used to debut from the charming legend of the 12th century, which bestowed the place with its name. It is called Royal Fountain (the old-fashioned spelling is Font-reaux) ever since King Henri II Plantagenet stopped here to drink from a spring of water, which is still treasured in the chateau park.

The wine cellars existed since the 1600’s; Chateau Fonreaud obtained the present distinguished look in 1855 and in 1962 – a new owner, Leo Chanfreau and his family, who lovingly and enthusiastically modernized winery, replanted vines yet keeping the chateau’s old-fashioned serene charm.

Four wines are produced in Chateau Fonreaud vineyards covering the highest elevation in Medoc (43 m); two under Listrac appellation, one – under Moulis, and the fourth - a dry white - belongs to generic Bordeaux blanc AOC.

Vineyard area: 32 hectares
Soil: Gravel on clay-limestone subsoil
Barrel-aging: 12 months
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