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Château Mont-Perat 2013

France • Bordeaux Blanc • White • 75 cl • 13°

Jeannie Cho Lee:  88

Varenr. 104503
Château Mont-Perat 2013
Jeannie Cho Lee: Full bodied, generous white with white flowers on the nose and palate with lively acidity. 16% Muscadelle gives it an attractive aromatic floral profile.
Chateau Mont-Perat  

One of the most-wanted wines in Asia, Chateau Mont-Perat is 1 of 5 chateaux, belonging to the Despagne family, a dynasty of 8 generations of Entre-Deux-Mers vignerons. Their wine was for the 1st time mentioned in “Le Feret’ guide in 1868; the era of success and renown, however, came only 100 years later, when in the 1970’s Jean-Louis Despagne took control of the 20-ha family property. Today it totals 330 ha.

The demand for Chateau Mont-Perat wine was prompted by its mention in the popular Japanese comics-series “Drops of God” but it, certainly, would not have reached the sensational level, if it did not display exceptional quality that the owners managed to achieve since 1998. 

What they purchased then was a completely neglected estate; their first aim was to bring the vineyard to the contemporary viticultural standard; the next challenge was to restore cellars built in the early 1900’s incorporating gravity-led vinification, advanced systems of receiving and sorting fruit and other up-to-date equipment (the original winery dates back to 1780 but after a catastrophic fire it was re-constructed from scratch in 1920). 

Generous in fruit flavours Mont-Perat reds display harmony and good aging capability; whites, touched by minerality, offer zesty aromas of citrus and peppermint.

Vineyard area: 102 hectares
Soil: Gravelly-clay, limestone
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