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Clos des Lunes - Lune Blanche 2016

France • Bordeaux Blanc • White • 75 cl • 13°

The Wine Cellar Insider:  90

Varenr. 193579
Clos des Lunes - Lune Blanche 2016
Jeff Leve: Already delicious, with juicy pomelo on the nose and palate. The wine has sweetness to the fruit and a citrus finish.
Clos des Lunes

Clos des Lunes is a true novelty having made official appearance on the market only in 2012. Prior to that, this Sauternes estate was known as Chateau Haut Caplane and, following the general tendency of the region, crafted sweet wines, unfortunately, quite expressionless.

A new approach, i.e. switching the production to dry whites, was offered by Olivier Bernard, an expert in both worlds: he is the proprietor of Domaine de Chevalier in Pessac-Leognan, the treasure-land of Bordeaux dry whites, and a co-owner of Chateau Guiraud, 1er Grand Cru Classé of Sauternes, renowned for its dessert wines. 

With an active support from his son Hugo, who is now virtually running the newly-founded Clos des Lunes, he considerably increased the size of the property (by almost 20 ha) and introduced serious changes to make the estate fit for producing dry wine. His idea proved extremely successful and the efforts were generously gratified: five years of their existence have already brought Clos des Lunes wines a highest appraisal of connoisseurs.

Clos des Lunes offers to gourmets 3 different Moons: white, silver and golden – Blanche, d’Argent and d’Or. 

Vineyard area: 45 hectares
Soil: Gravel on clayey-limestone subsoil
Aging of Lune Blanche: 6 months (in stainless steel tanks and concrete vats)
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