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G De Château Guiraud 2017

Château Guiraud

France • Bordeaux Blanc • White • 75 cl • 13,5°

J. Robinson:  17
Wine Spectator:  90-93
James Suckling:  91-92

Varenr. 107001
G De Château Guiraud 2017
With its rich expression and assertive personality, the G de Château Guiraud 2017 embodies with brilliance the style and charm of the Château Guiraud brand. Along with an intense aromatic expression, complexity and elegance, the palate also offers the perfect balance of textural density and a zippy, refreshing tension.
Château Guiraud

This 15th century estate entered its Golden Age in 1776 when it was bought by Pierre Guiraud. Efforts of his son and grandson made it a highly-reputed fully-fledged property awarded a First Growth rank in 1855.

The time to restore the Golden Age came in 2006. Four partners: an industrialist, two prominent chateaux-proprietors and viticulturalists and the Manager of the estate – joint their forces to unite the bicentennial tradition with the latest standards and to bring Chateau Guiraud wines to the quality and image they deserved.

It was a costly venture, as it comprised major replanting of the cru to turn it into a 100% white vineyard, installation of a new drainage, complete overhaul of facilities. The tremendous work paid off generously: since 2007, every first or second year is evaluated as chateau’s best.

In addition to dessert whites (the Grand Vin and the 2nd label), which are a “must” in Sauternes with a close-to-none exceptions, there is also crafts a dry white G de Chateau Guiraud.

Vineyard area: 85 hectares
Soil: Sandy-gravel, clayey-gravel 
Barrel-aging of G de Chateau Guiraud: 7 months (in oak)
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