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La Petite Lune 2015

France • Bordeaux Rouge • Red • 75 cl • 13,5°

Varenr. 101000
La Petite Lune 2015
La Petite Lune 

La Petite Lune was created based on two major principles of Olivier Bernard, manager of Domaine de Chevalier since it was acquired by his family in 1983. The first is quality, the continuous priority of the estate. The second is keeping prices fair, so enjoying top-class wine is not a special-event luxury but an everyday pleasure. 

Charm and elegance of La Petite Lune were born thanks to talent and style of Stephane Derenoncourt, the Domaine de Chevalier oenology-consultant. 

The image of the cru and its wine has been impeccable since it was established in 1855. The terroir plays a significant role here, but more importantly, it is a limited number of proprietors and managers (2 families and 4 men) who all assigned utmost importance to quality. 

As for Olivier Bernard’s input, these are just a few highlights of his tremendous and devoted work: he undertook a 7-year long replanting program and protected vines from their eternal enemy – frost; farming is organic and biodynamic on 30 ha of the cru; two modernizations of facilities, including the construction of the extraordinary vat-room, were conducted under his helm.

La Petite Lune comes out in 2 colours; wines are crafted by the estate’s team from carefully-selected fruit of highly-qualified vignerons.
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