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Les Charmes De Grand Corbin 2013

2nd wine Château Grand Corbin

France • Bordeaux • Saint-Emilion • Red • 75 cl • 14°


Varenr. 194678
Les Charmes De Grand Corbin 2013
Medium ruby color, red cherry, oaky, dark chocolate on the nose, on the palate, toasted nut, ripe dark cherry, cocoa with medium tannin and body.
Château Grand Corbin  

Chateau Grand Corbin is an ancient estate (in existence at least since the 1300’s), that has witnessed during its history numerous owners. The person who turned it into a prosperous wine-producer in the late 1700’s was Guillaume Ignace Boucherau. Inspired by grand viticultural properties flourishing in Medoc, he ran the cru wisely and introduced a number of vineyard-management techniques targeted at perfecting the quality of vines and wines.

The Revolution prompted the division of the cru that became over time 6 different properties; the process of their reunification was launched in the 21st century.

SMABTP Group, a proprietor of several Bordeaux estates and a respected name in the world of wine, had among its holdings a 6-ha Chateau Haut Corbin, obviously, the Grand Corbin brother. The purchase of the latter took place in 2010; the 2012 Classification rated both Chateaux as Classified Growths and made their reunion possible.

Now enlarged thanks to the merger, Grand Corbin crafts 2 wines in classic Bordeaux traditions.

Vineyard area: 28,5 hectares
Soil: Sand over clay
Barrel-aging: 12 months (50% in new French oak)
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