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Lions de Suduiraut 2015

2nd wine Château Suduiraut

France • Bordeaux • Sauternes • White • 37,5 cl • 14°


Varenr. 100816
Lions de Suduiraut  2015
Lions de Suduiraut is a younger, fresher and lighter version of it's top wine. It is an ideal introduction to the style and is blended to be velvety, fresh and ready for immediate consumption. Ripe apricot, marmalade, zesty peel and hints of vanilla and honey. Luscious!
Château Suduiraut

Even when its wines were far from their best this chateau had one thing to boast about: its splendid gardens created by the designer of Versailles park. They appeared at the end of the 1600's, together with the present chateau – the original 16th century building had been destroyed by a fire.

Afterhaving joined the select circle of First Growths in 1855, the estate passed through numerous owners, which usually does not enhance product-quality. Its bleakest times were the 1940’s-1960’s; then, the wine was aged in vats, not in oak. 

French Insurance Group AXA, proprietor of several crus in Bordeaux, came to the rescue in 1992. Today, farming operations are performed manually, fertilizers are organic and vats for maturation, of course, have long been replaced by barrels. Christian Seely, General Director of the estate since 2000, believes that inspired by the magic of this terroir, his team feels privileged to help it craft the superb wine it is capable of bearing. 

In addition to the Grand Vin the chateau offers quite an extensive range of labels: 2 for sweet wines - Castelnau de Suduiraut and Lions de Suduiraut, targeted at a younger audience - and 2 for dry - S de Suduiraut and Blanc Sec de Suduiraut.

Vineyard area: 92 hectares
Soil: Gravel, sand, limestone, clay  
Barrel-aging: 18-24 months (50% in new French oak)
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